Monday, February 20, 2017

What's blooming this year at the GTL sidewalk garden?

Now that we're well into the rainy season, new growth is taking root in the sidewalk "Green Turk and Lyon" garden at St. Cyprian's church in San Francisco. Here's a look at our garden with some plant ID's and explanation of what's happening: 

I added a few horkelia californica and they are doing very well on Lyon Street. This native plant has a musky fragrance year-round and small white flowers.

A coyote brush (baccharis pilularis) on Lyon Street was another newcomer - about a year ago - and has grown very rapidly. 

At the top of the hill, the bed has some open areas and I'm hoping that some interesting new plants that have sprouted from seed will survive. I've also transplanted some California Mugwort and Douglas Iris here.  
A big cloud of miners lettuce (claytonia perfoliata), an important local native plant, grows here. Last year's growth of miner's lettuce set a fair amount of seed, so it's now popping up in several of the beds on both Lyon and Turk Street. There are probably some California Poppies down below the miners lettuce that will be visible and in bloom by the summer. 
At the eastern edge of the garden, I am allowing some kind of nettle to sprout again, as it did last year. Not sure if this is stinging nettle or hedge nettle, I just like it. 
I transplanted another interesting native plant, Thimbleberry (rubus parviflorus), and it has slowly established here in the shade of a flax plant. 

A car jumped the sidewalk, crashed into the building, cracked a pipe and took out one of the podocarpus here. I've plopped a few plants in - and some miner's lettuce is growing as well. 

The car that jumped the sidewalk also took out one of the street trees. Miners lettuce grows in the spot for now - the tree stump still needs to be removed. 
The Berkeley Sedge (a bunchgrass) that was initially planted in the garden almost six years ago looks particularly nice in this bed on Lyon Street.

More native plants that have sprouted from last year's seed on Lyon Street: miners lettuce and tarweed. 

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